Emma Vissing (1881-1958)

Emma, 1900
Emma Vissing, at the time of her marriage, 1900

Emma was born in 1881 in the city of Vejle, Denmark, to Maria Johanna Sorensen and Jakob Busch Vissing, who were not married. As a young child, she emigrated to Utah with her mother, her mother's sister Anne, and maternal grandmother Else Nielsen. Emma then grew up with her grandmother in Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah while her mother worked in Salt Lake City. She later joined her mother in the household of Hans Madsen, in Lehi, where she helped care for Hans in his final days. (Emma was sealed to Hans and Maria.) It was at Lehi that Emma met her parents' neighbor, Emile Lauper, a Swiss-French immigrant. Emile and Emma were married in 1900.

For a continued overview of Emma, Emile, and their children, see Family of Emile and Emma Lauper.

Detailed Biography of Emma Vissing Lauper, by Alice Lauper Brown (daughter)

Memories of Mother, by Ivan Lauper (son)

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