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Family Sites in Utah

Marked on the map below are towns of significance for the Madsen and Lauper families.

  • Moroni
    A small town in Sanpete County, about 20 miles north of Manti.
    The home of Else Nielsen with her husband Jens Jacobsen, daughters Maria and Anna, and granddaughters Emma and Alfreda.
  • Lehi
    Home of Hans and Maria Madsen after their sojourn in Salem, Idaho, in two different houses.
    Emma Vissing met Emile Lauper there, and their first son Serge was born there.
  • Salem, Idaho
    The homestead of Hans and Maria Madsen from 1888 to 1899. It is located about 7 miles north of Rexburg.
    The last 4 Madsen children were born there.
  • Mercur
    A mining town (now abandoned?) in the mountains west of Lehi and south of Tooele.
    Ivan and John Lauper were born there.
  • Box Elder County Sites
    (Tremonton, Bear River, Bothwell, Elwood, Penrose)
    Tremonton is the largest town in the area, about 20 miles northwest of the county seat at Brigham City. Relative to Tremonton: Bear River is about 10 miles to the south. Bothwell is to the west. Elwood is just to the south. Penrose is several miles southwest of Bothwell.
    The last seven Lauper children, from Felix to Ralph, were born in these towns.
  • Sugarville
    A tiny, arid community in Millard County, about 8 miles north of Delta.
    The Laupers farmed there from 1917 to 1929.
  • Rockville
    On the road into Zion National Park. The home of Julius Madsen and extended family.
    The site of a Madsen-Lauper Reunion in 2001.

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