Else Nielsen (1833-1905)

Else and Niels
Else Nielsen, with grandson Niels, approx. 1882

Else Nielsdatter was born in 1833 in the village of Gram, Vejle County, Denmark, the daughter of Niels Pedersen and Marie Johanne Nielsdatter. In 1857, she was married, in the local parish church at Rårup, to Jens Jørgen Sørensen. After the birth of their first child Marie Johanne, they settled in the nearby city of Horsens. Jens abandoned his wife and four children in 1869. Else and the children were scraping along in poverty when they were introduced to the Church. Starting with Else in 1877, all were eventually baptized. They began to emigrate to Utah, in stages, with Else arriving about 1885, and settling in Moroni, Sanpete County. There she married a Danish widow and war veteran, Jens Jacobsen, in 1887. Together they oversaw a household that also consisted of Else's daughter Anne, Anne's daughter Alfreda and granddaughter Emma (daughter of Else's daughter Marie). Jens Jacobsen passed away in 1901 and Else in 1905.

Details of the life of Else Nielsen can be found in several places:

Children of Else Nielsen and Jens Jørgen Sørensen

Marie Johanne (1857-1929)
spouse: Hans Madsen (1826-1901)
Niels Peter (1859-1860)
(died as infant)
Anne Kjerstine (1861-1922)
spouse: Jens Jacobsen (1838-1917)
Julius Peter Winter (1865-1944)
spouse: Angelina Christina Magdelina ("Lina") (1868-1948)
Wilhelmina Christiane Knudgine (1868-1921)
spouse: Andrew James Olsen (1867-1938)

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