The Extended Hans Madsen Family

The Hans Madsen Family is a bit complicated because of multiple marriages and children of "outside parentage".

  • Hans Madsen first married Louisa Tetzner and then Maria Sørensen.
  • Both women had previous children.
  • Louisa's son August was officially adopted by Hans Madsen.
  • In the case of Maria's two children, Hans indicated that he would be pleased to have them sealed to him and Maria, and this was done.
(See *Note2* below for other information on Hans Madsen's marriages.)

Represented at the family reunion are three branches:

  • Madsen-Tetzner: the descendants of children born to Hans and Louisa
  • Madsen-Sørensen: the descendants of children born to Hans and Maria
  • Lauper: the descendants of of Maria's daughter, Emma Lauper

At the lower portion of this page, the three branches are represented with photographs, a listing of the original children of that branch, and the members of the generation of that branch living today. You can find "where you fit" by finding the name of your ancestor in the bottom-most row.

NOTE 1: this page is not meant to be an exhaustive pedigree and listing of descendants, but only to establish a general framework.

NOTE 2: Prior to his marriage to Maria Sorensen, Hans Madsen participated in another polygamous marriage to Johanna Nielsen, in 1885. However, Johanna only lived for a few months following their marriage.

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Husband: Hans Madsen
Born: 18 Jun 1826
Ørsbjerg, Odense, Denmark
Wife: Louisa Katrine Christina Tetzner
Born: 7 Apr 1826
Krusendorf, Stohl, Schleswig-Holstein
Wife: Maria Johanna Sørensen
Born: 19 Sep 1857
Gram, Vejle, Denmark

Hans Madsen
Louisa Tetzner

Married: 28 Sep 1851

Hans Madsen and Louisa Tetzner

Hans Madsen
Maria Sørensen

Married: 10 Dec 1886

Maria Johanna Sørensen Hans Madsen

The Children of the Hans Madsen Family

Below are listed the children of Hans, Louisa, and Maria, with indications of their specific parentage.
The colored rows are beginning of the three branches previously mentioned.
The representation of the three branches then switches from the three colored rows to the three columns each beginning with a photograph.


Their Children


1. Louisa Tetzner
Rudolf Wilstad
August Christian Emil
(adopted by Hans Madsen)
2. Louisa Tetzner
Hans Madsen
Peter William
Maren Kristina
Continued in LEFT column below...
3. Maria Sørensen
Hans Madsen
Hans Franklin
Harry Waldemer
Minnie Maria
Axel Angus
Julius Viggo
Continued in MIDDLE column below...
4. Maria Sørensen
Jakob Busch Vissing
Emma Elisabeth Johanne
(sealed as daughter to Hans Madsen and married Emile Lauper)
Continued in RIGHT column below...
5. Maria Sørensen
Søren Peder Jørgensen
Niels Christian
(sealed as son to Hans Madsen)
(later known as "Niels Peterson")
Life Sketch

Continuation of the THREE BRANCHES

Madsen-Tetzner Branch
Madsen-Sorensen Branch
Lauper Branch
Hans Madsen 4 Generations Children of Hans Madsen and Maria Sørensen Emma Vissing Lauper
Four Madsen Generations (1898)
  • Hans Madsen
  • P.W. Madsen (son)
  • Richard W. Madsen, Sr. (grandson)
  • Richard W. Madsen, Jr. (gr-grson)
Madsen Siblings (1943)
(children of Hans Madsen)
  • Julius Madsen
  • Franklin Madsen
  • Minnie Madsen Williams
  • Harry Madsen
  • Axel Madsen
Emma Vissing Lauper (1939)
(step-daughter of Hans Madsen)
Peter William (P.W.) is father to
  • Richard W. Madsen, Sr.
  • William E. Madsen
  • Louise Christine Madsen Lund
  • Laura Madsen Hardy
  • Viggo R. Madsen
  • Hans H. Madsen
  • Florence Madsen Meredith Evans
  • Peter W. Madsen, Jr.
Harry Madsen is father to
  • Agnes Madsen Clawson
  • Albert Madsen
  • Marie Madsen Glade
Minnie Madsen Williams is mother to
  • Irene Williams Buehner
  • Benjamin Ray Williams
  • Helen Williams Bingham
Axel Madsen is father to
  • Grant Madsen
  • Truman Madsen
  • Gordon Madsen
Julius Madsen is father to
  • Connie Madsen Terry
  • Ben Madsen
  • J.R. Madsen
Emma is mother to
  • Serge Lauper
  • Ivan Lauper
  • John Lauper
  • Felix Lauper
  • Alice Lauper Brown
  • Else Lauper
  • Marcel F. Lauper
  • Viola Lauper Johnson
  • Dennis L. Lauper
  • Ralph Lauper
Richard W. Sr. is father to
  • Richard William Madsen, Jr.
  • Francis Armstrong ("Bill") Madsen
Florence is mother to
  • Louise Meredith Poulson
  • Elise Meredith Chase
  • Oliver R. Meredith III
  • Mary Meredith Rollins
Richard W. Madsen, Jr. is father to
  • Richard W. Madsen III
  • Mary Madsen Ellsworth
  • Patricia Madsen
  • Gloria Madsen Hulme
  • Donna Madsen Williamson
Francis A. (Bill) Madsen is father to
  • Francis A. (Frank) Madsen
  • Mary Lou Madsen Rawlings
  • Robert Madsen
  • Richard H. Madsen
  • Peter W. (Bill) Madsen
Louise is mother to
  • Meredith M. Poulson
  • Arlo M. Poulson, Jr.
Elise is mother to
  • Dean Chase
  • Leland Chase
  • Robert Chase
Oliver R. III is father to
  • Oliver R. Meredith, IV
  • Dorothy Meredith
Mary is mother to
  • Alden Rollins
  • Albert Rollins
  • John Rollins
  • Everett Rollins
Further details about each branch can be found at:
Madsen-Tetzner Family Madsen-Sorensen Family Lauper Family