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Madsen-Lauper Sites in Denmark

Marked on the map below are towns of significance for the Madsen and Lauper families.

  • Copenhagen
    The capital of Denmark. The city was founded in 1167. The name in Danish is København, which means "Merchant's Harbor".
    It is unlikely that any ancestor of ours were familiar with Copenhagen since they lived on the other side of the country. When our family members emigrated, they probably saw the city for the first time as they changed ships. (A few saw it again, returning as missionaries or visitors.)
    A statue, "Kristina", by sculptor Dennis Smith, overlooks the harbor at Amerikakaj and commemorates the many Danish emigrants to America, including Madsen ancestors. picture
  • Fredericia / Erritsø
    Hans and Louisa were married in Erritsø in 1851, and P.W. was christened there. It is where they were also introduced to the Church.
    (Erritsø is a southern suburb of the larger city of Fredericia, both on the shore of the Lille Bælt or "Small Strait" that separates the peninsula of Jylland from the island of Fyn.)
  • Gram
    The village where Maria Sørensen was born in 1857
    (parish of Rårup, county of Vejle, on the peninsula of Jylland)
    Modern-day pictures
  • Horsens
    The city where Else Nielsen and Maria Sørensen were converted to the Church and baptized in 1877 and 1878.
  • Krusendorf
    The town where Louisa Tetzner was born in 1826
    (parish of Stohl, province of Schleswig, in what is now Germany)
  • Ørsbjerg
    The village where Hans Madsen was born in 1826
    (parish of Kerte, county of Odense, on the island of Fyn)
    Modern-day pictures
  • Rebild Bakker (Rebild Hills)
    The only Danish National Park and site of an annual July Fourth celebration of Danish-American relations.
    A second statue by Dennis Smith, "The Family" (Familien), commemorates Danish emigrants to America, including Madsen ancestors. picture
  • Vejle
    The city where Emma Vissing Lauper was born in 1881.

(Base map courtesy of geography.about.com)

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