Emile Lauper (1869-1936)

Emile, 1900
Emile Lauper, at the time of his marriage, 1900

Emile was born in 1869 in Pregny, a northern suburb of Geneva, Switzerland. His father, Jean (or Johannes) Lauper, an "immigrant" from the German-speaking area of Switerland near Bern, was employed on the estate of Baron Rothschild. His mother was Marie Elise Sachot, a native of the village of Luins, 16 miles north of Geneva. The family moved back to Luins, where Emile's sister Alice was born. Later the family moved farther into the foothills of the Jura Mountains at Le Muids.

Emile was a robust boy who worked in the vineyards and valued good health. He was active with the local Temperance Movement, when the LDS missionaries contacted his parents. Emile readily accepted the gospel, being baptized in 1892, a full year before his parents. A year after his father died in 1895, Emile decided to emigrate to Utah, hoping that his mother and sister could soon follow. However, it was not until 9 years later that they were able to join Emile. By that time, Emile had established his own family, having met Emma Vissing at the home of her parents, Hans and Maria Madsen, in Lehi, Utah. Emile and Emma were married in 1900.

For a continued overview of Emile, Emma, and their children, see Family of Emile and Emma Lauper.

Detailed Biography of Emile Lauper, by Viola Lauper Johnson and Alice Lauper Brown

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