The Lauper Family Reunion - A Longtime Tradition

Due in great part to the efforts of Jean Gordon Lauper (wife of the eldest Lauper child, Serge), the Laupers began holding an annual Family Reunion in 1969. Thirty-five years later, it is still going strong! Since most of the Laupers have roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of the reunions have been held in that area. However, occasionally we have ranged as far afield as New York. As the family spreads out, so do the reunions.

At a recent reunion, the question was put forth as to whether there is interest in cutting back the frequency of our tradition. Although there is reason to consider a bi-annual gathering, the vote was overwhelming in favor of continuing the annual fete. The responsibility for each year's reunion rotates among the 6 living branches of the family.

Due to their growing up in relative proximity in the Bay Area, all 19 of the Lauper first cousins (grandchildren of Emile and Emma Lauper) know each other quite well. Thanks to the ongoing tradition of the Family Reunions, most of the second cousins have more than a passing acquaintance with each other.

Below is a listing of all 37 reunions.

Lauper Family Directory

Another annual family tradition is the Lauper Family Directory. Its success can be attributed to the tireless efforts of Georgia Lauper Gates (eldest granddaughter of Emile and Emma, daugther to Serge and Jean, wife of Crawford Gates). The Lauper Family Directory continues to provide updated information about the whereabouts and doings of all family members. It also usually includes an account of the year's Family Reunion. Here are links for the full accounts of Lauper Family Reunions in 2003 (draft) and 2002.

Lauper Ladies Luncheon

The newest annual Lauper Family tradition is the Lauper Ladies Luncheon. The fourth luncheon was held in September, 2003. It is a tradition begun by Georiga Lauper Gates after her move to Salt Lake City, and she hosts the luncheon at her home. The majority of attendees are women living along the Wasatch Front, but there are always family visitors "from afar". Here is a link to the account of the 2002 luncheon.

Lauper Missionaries

A final tradition of which the Laupers are very proud is that of missionary service. At the Family Reunion in 2001, we made quite a ceremony of peppering a world map with markers of missionary service. The count of missionaries (including spouses of family members) is just short of 90. An unsung program that the family started a number of years ago is a Missionary Fund which contributes to the support of young family missionaries.

Here is a list of Lauper Family Missionaries as of January 31, 2003.

Lauper Family Reunions: 1969-2005

(listed in reverse-chronological order)

The basis for this list was compiled by Viola Lauper Johnson. Except for the most recent, many of the commentary/summaries are hers.

When available, each full account is accompanied by a photo.

2005, July 2

Marc and Mimi Lauper, of the Dennis Lauper branch, hosted at their home in Hacienda Heights, California. Various family members stayed at nearby hotels and extended their stay into the following Sunday. The theme was Hawaiian "Ohana" (meaning "family"). The backyard pool had been finished days (hours?) before the event. We assembled hygiene and baby kits for humanitarian service.

There were 65 in attendance.

2004, August 14

The Laupers were joined by their Madsen cousins for a "Mix and Match" event at Wheeler Historic Farm in Salt Lake City. There were games and socializing out on the lawn in the afternoon, and then dinner, games and square dancing indoors in the evening. The Viola Lauper Johnson branch hosted the event.

There were 86 Laupers in attendance, 196 in total.

2003, July 5

The Marcel Lauper branch hosted the family at the Lehi Community Park in Lehi, Utah. The day was plenty warm, so the pool facilities were appreciated. In the morning, the family was given exclusive use of the waterslide. Family members ate and talked and performed and talked some more under the nearby picnic pavilion. It was noted that Hans Madsen and Maria Johanna lived in Lehi, and that Emile and Emma met at their home. The Ellisons gave an account of their son Marc who had recently recieved a bone marrow transplant. In spite of many setbacks, there was hope that this would eventually offer him some relief from his life-long battle with aplastic anemia.

There were a record 126 in attendance!

2002, July 6

Alice L. Brown descendants w/ Wilma & Norman Stocker in charge. They provided individual stepping-stones for each person, all to carry the theme: "STEP THROUGH TIME" for a LAUPER WALK of FAME. Well-planned meeting started with intro by parents of new babies; then intro of current missionaries (of which there are now and/or have served at least 90). There was an abundant array of foods all day long; interesting games, including golf, card and assorted board games. Swimming was a big hit, as was the creation of individual Stepping-Stones. Weather cooperated!

Approximately 100 in attendance.

2001, June 30

Hosted by the Serge Lauper daughters in Salt Lake City, held at an LDS Chapel and grounds (home ward of Bonnie Goodliffe & family). Theme: "An International Event for a World Class Family". International activities and foods were featured. A roll call of family missionaries called for a world map whereon stickers were placed indicating where each had served. Noticeable, it was, that so many areas of the world were covered. Indication was also evident of where, in the world, more coverage is needed. Our Family count has now reached a total of 86 missionaries! Many interesting games, contests, sports, children's activities including prizes were enjoyed by the large crowd. Good food a-plenty was served at noon time as well as sandwich bar later.

114 in attendance.

2000, July 1

Kevin & Rica Van Katwyk hosted, using the Stake Center across the street from their Vacaville home. Play equipment for the young, and vigorous "toys" and games on the church lawn for oldsters were popular. Many other games were inside on the Recreation floor. Judy Lauper & family handled the food, providing BBQ beef, salads, desserts and drinks a-plenty. "REMEMBER WHERE" with various members sharing anecdotes & memories made for an enjoyable program. A good time for all!

60 family members in attendance.

1999, July 3

Marc & Mimi hosted using their ward facilities. The yard was equipped with rented play equipment, making a veritable playground of the area, as well as fairground influence with popular snow cone and cotton candy machines dispensing goodies freely. Interesting game contests were conducted in the cultural hall by Marc preceding a lunch of cold cuts, salads and chips. A brief report-type program preceded a few skits from family members resulting in giggles and enjoyment. We then disbursed for hours while reconvening at the club room of Marriott-Courtyard motel where several families were lodged. There, in the evening, there was swimming and a portion of the group participated in sodas and trivia games.

76 family members attended.

1998, July 4

John & Lory Lauper took over, answering up to the M.F. Lauper responsibility for the year. They used the wonderful Norm/Wilma facilities and we all benefitted. Some effort toward featuring "Remembrances of Grandma Emma Lauper" was made during the program. Lory was assisted by Diane Smith and Mother Frances in providing abundant food and treats. There were innovative games and contests for the young kiddies and swimming for all.

61 attended.

1997, July 5

Vi Johnson & families united resources to host this year. Wilma generously allowed us to use the Stocker Compound again & Norman pulled all stops to ready their fine facilities and help us in abundant ways. WE ARE GRATEFUL!!! The Petersons with major emphasis on young Dave, along with JR and Susan did monumental work in preparation even beginning at their Colorado abode. JoAnn, Johnnie, Paige & Matthew Storheim arrived as early as possible to contribute their assistance. We made a real EMILE/EMMA LAUPER TRIBUTE of this affair. Entertaining.

86 guests.

1996, July 6

Norman, Wilma & Brown families responsible for a wonderful party held at Danville home again. Eric was absent, at his work. Others worked very hard with innovative ideas, games, & food galore. The yard & pool never looked nicer due to Norm & Wilma's dedicated, abundant efforts. It was a big success, and unique in that those who attended were ALL Lauper family members or spouses. Family Tree with each member represented was displayed.

69 attended.

1995, July 1

Gib & Paulie Hutchings hosted at their Fresno home. Served two (2) bounteous meals that day & made a good party.

66 attended.

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