Lauper Ladies Luncheon - 2002

an account by Stephanie Goodliffe

The third annual Lauper Ladies Luncheon was held on Saturday, September 21, 2002, at the home of Georgia Gates in Salt Lake City. 28 people attended this year's event,including a lone Lauper gentleman ([infant] Timothy Rimmasch) and two 4th-generation Lauper Ladies: Abbie Danielson and Sophia Goodliffe. Once again, several ladies traveled long distances to be with us from three different states. Carole Gates and two daughters came from Nevada; Karen Talbert traveled from Washington; and Wilma Stocker, Linda Peterson, Paulie Hutchings, and Emily Hutchings-Garcia all came from California. The rest of us gathered from various parts of Utah. We had a wonderful time visiting and eating. Georgia put on another fabulous meal. What a wonderful chance to catch up with our family members! And, we improved our performance of the Lauper Family Song. On behalf of all the Lauper Ladies, I would like to thank Georgia for envisioning, planning, and hosting this marvelous annual event. We hope to see even more ladies at next year's luncheon; all Lauper ladies are invited.

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