Hans Madsen (1826-1902)

Furniture Maker and Farmer from Ørsbjerg, Denmark

Hans Madsen,1886
Hans Madsen, 1886

Hans was born in 1826 to Mads Pedersen and Mette Nielsdatter in the village of Ørsbjerg and christened in the parish church in neighboring Kerte. He was trained in the family trade of furniture-making. In the nearby city of Fredericia, he met Louisa Tetzner and her young son. Hans and Louisa were married in 1851 and established a household in the neighboring town of Erritsø.

For a continued overview of Hans, Louisa, and their children, see Family of Hans and Louisa Madsen.

Later, after having emigrated to Utah, Hans chose in 1885 to partipate in polygamy. He was married only a few months to his second wife, Johanna Nielsen, before she passed away. Hans then chose to marry another Danish immigrant, Maria Johanna Sorensen, in 1886.

For a continued overview of Hans, Maria, and their children, see Family of Hans and Maria Madsen.

For more details about the life of Hans Madsen, see Madsen Family History.

For an overview of all the family branches descending from Hans Madsen, see Extended Hans Madsen Family.

Hans Madsen,1860?
Hans Madsen, 1860?

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