Family of Hans and Maria Madsen

Hans Madsen met Maria Johanna Sorensen in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hans asked Maria to be his wife (in polygamy) and they were married in 1886.

Hans Madsen
Maria Sørensen
Hans Madsen and Maria Sørensen, 1886

Hans was a Danish immigrant, born in Ørsbjerg, Denmark, in 1826, to Mads Pedersen and Mette Nielsdatter. (See Hans Madsen) He was previously married to Louisa Tetzner.

Maria, born in 1857 in Gram, Denmark, is the daughter of Else Nielsen (Nielsdatter) and Jens Jørgen Sørensen. (See Maria Johanna Sorensen)

The polygamous marriage created animosity with Hans' first wife and placed them in in a precarious postion with the law, so Hans took his new wife and their young son to farm in Salem, Idaho (7 miles north of Rexburg) [in 1888?]. There, four more children were born. After years of struggle, they returned to a farm in Lehi, Utah, in the fall of 1899. These difficult years took their toll on Hans and he was in very poor health. Maria called for her older daughter, Emma, to come help take care of husband and family. (While there, Emma met and married the Madsens' neighbor, Emile Lauper.)Hans passed away in 1902 and Maria continued on in Lehi with her children until moving to Salt Lake City around 1910. She passed away in 1929.

A number of incidents in the life of this family are found in the personal history of Harry Madsen.

For an overview of all the family branches descending from Hans Madsen, see Extended Hans Madsen Family.

Children of Hans and Maria Madsen

Memories of these siblings, by their children, can be found in the transcript of the Madsen-Lauper Reunion in 1998.

Harry, Franklin and Axel
Harry, Franklin and Axel
Hans Franklin Madsen (1887-1971)
spouse: Florence R. Jepperson (1886-1977)
Harry Waldemar Madsen (1890-1978)
spouse: Edith Ann Acomb (1892-1965)
Minnie Marie Madsen Williams (1891-1974)
spouse: Benjamin Williams (1888-1989)
Axel Angus Madsen (1893-1986)
spouse: Emily Grant (1896-1929), Edna May Skinner (-1995)
Julius Viggo Madsen (1899-1981)
spouse: Constance Benson (1908-1981)

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