Family of Emile and Emma Lauper

Emile Lauper met Emma Vissing in Lehi, Utah. Shortly thereafter, they were married in the Salt Lake Temple on October 31, 1900.

Emile was a Swiss-French immigrant, born in the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland, in 1869, to Jean Lauper and Marie Elise Sachot. (See Emile Lauper)

Emile and Emma, 1900
Emile and Emma, at the time of their marriage, 1900

Emma, born in 1881 in Vejle, Denmark, is the daughter of Maria Johanna Sorensen and Jakob Busch Vissing, but sealed as a daughter to Maria's husband, Hans Madsen. (See Emma Vissing)

Emile and Emma farmed a number of lands in northern and central Utah (Utah, Box Elder and Millard counties). They gave birth to 10 children, one who died in infancy, and two who were killed in accidents just as they were reaching adulthood. The older children, one-by-one, moved to southern California, with the remainder of the family following and settling in Ventura County in 1929. It was there that Emile passed away in 1936. All of the family members, with the exception of Ivan, moved up to Oakland, San Francisco and other towns of the Bay Area. Emma, living with her daughter Viola in San Francisco, passed away in 1958 due to complications from a fall that broke her hip.

The Lauper siblings established themselves and became well-known in their communities, particularly in Church circles. Interestingly enough, in a parallel to their Madsen-Tetzner cousins, Marcel established a furniture store which he ran with his brothers Dennis and Ralph until they retired.

Children of Emile and Emma Lauper

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Serge, Alice, Ivan 1928
Serge, Alice, Ivan, 1928
Lauper Boys, 1905
Ivan, John & Serge, 1905

1989 Oral History Interviews with Lauper Siblings

Interviews by Julie Lauper-Cook and Karen Danielson Talbert

Although the stories in these interviews overlap with those told in the written personal histories, in almost all cases, there are memories recorded in the interviews that are not found in the histories!


Listing of Lauper Family Missionaries

Lauper Siblings and Mother, 1949
Lauper Siblings and Mother, 1949

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  • Notes of Dennis Lauper on visiting Switzerland
  • Letter from Emile to Marcel's mission president, Alma Petersen
  • Songs and poems by Emile Lauper
  • Letter from Emma to Alice (Emile's sister) at his death

[Emile's Relatives]
  • Jakob Lauper, notes by Dennis Lauper
    (transcribed: ready for inclusion)
  • Marie Elise Cecile Sachot, letter from Emile to his sister Alice


  • Small Account of Life of Emma, in her own hand

[Emma's relatives]

  • Letters from Uncle Julius Sorensen, at the death of his sisters
  • Correspondence between Viola and Alfreda Jacobsen Nielson
  • Letters from Julius Sorensen to Emma


  • Letter from Jakob Wissing to Maria, 1900
    (For unknown reason, he insisted on spelling his name with a "W", in spite of the orginal "V" in Danish.
  • Poem from Jakob Wissing to Emma
  • Notes on Jakob Wissing, by Viola Lauper Johnson
  • Letters from Jakob's brother "Andy" to Emma
  • Letters from Jakob's daughter, Nona Wissing Logan, to Emma and Viola


  • Graveside comments by Paulie
  • letter from Florida convert

[John & Felix]

  • Letter from Serge at Felix's death
  • Letter from George Christensen of Tremonton at John's death
  • Letter of Viola's about John
  • Poem of Alice's about Felix


  • Birthday Times - events, people, facts for her birth date
    transcribed: ready for inclusion


  • Memories of my brother, by Viola
  • "Dear Gus...", a book of memories by Marcel F. Lauper


  • Additional Sentiments on various subjects


  • Letter to mother, 1957


  • Keep the Faith excerpt from ward newsletter

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