Lauper Family Reunion - 2002

an account by Wilma Brown Stocker

The Lauper clan met at Norm and Wilma's backyard for the 34th Lauper Family Reunion. Eric and his boys set up the yard, Karen with Kristin and Chris helped Wilma in the kitchen to prepare food for the day. Chris assembled approximately 30 box lunches for the children. Dennis was our "chef de resistance" with J.R. and other men as backup. He prepared wonderful juicy hamburgers and hot dogs. There was plenty of food and snacks to last all day.

We met six of our newest members of the family - Jonathan Pal, Abbie Danielson, Maddy Peterson, Luke Storheim. Bronson Lauper and Kennedi Nemeth; then we listened to updates regarding our six missionaries who were out at the time - Jeff Brown, Jeff Smith, Adam Lauper, Aaron Lauper, Cammie Van Katwyk and Rustin Van Katwyk.

We then separated into groups led by Judy Lauper with board games, Dave Peterson with card games and Ben Talbert with golf games. Ben handed out charming prizes: monogrammed golf balls, chocolate golf balls and golf tees, for the best putter, etc. There was a volleyball court set up and the swimming pool was available.

Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones, 2002

The biggest project/activity, headed up by Karen Talbert and her committee of Shirley Brown, Julie Danielson and others, was having each person make a stepping stone for themselves and/or a family member that wasn't there. This activity was going on the entire time of the reunion - sunrise to sunset. These stepping stones are now in place forming a path around the pool dubbed the Lauper Walk of Fame.

I enjoyed the entire family reunion and I would like to think that everyone else did too and I want to thank all those who helped make it happen. We had many helpers, some solicited and some unsolicited. I appreciated it all. Even as much as I enjoyed this reunion, I am really looking forward to next years. The "hat" was passed on to the MFL family and I understand it will be held in the Provo/Lehi area.

Lauper Walk of Fame
Lauper Walk of Fame, Danville, California

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