Lauper Family Reunion - 2000

an account by Rica Van Katwyk

Because so many of the Lauper Family Members were able to attend, the 2000 Lauper Family Reunion was a great success. Members of the family came from far and wide... Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, Massachusetts, Fresno, Seattle area, Danville, Provo/Orem, Southern California and outlying areas, San Francisco, Pleasanton, Stockton, Livermore, San Leandro, Kansas. Final count was 60+ in attendance. Thanks so much for coming. A reunion isn't a reunion without family.

The reunion took place in the Stake Center across the street from the Van "Catwalk" home. There were all kinds of activities and games for everyone. There was an inflatable jumphouse for the little kids outside on the church lawn as well as a trampoline for 'olders'. Indoors, people were found playing ping pong on the stage. Half of the gym floor had a volleyball net set up while the other half consisted of bumper pool, foozball and, of course, the food and eating tables.

Judy Lauper and family handled the food with their usual flair and served up BBQ roast beef, salads, desserts and drinks. No one went home hungry.

There was a program of 'Remember when...?' and people shared anecdotes and memories that had to do with others outside of their immediate family. Board games filled in the gaps.

The baton was handed over to the Serge J. Lauper family line for the Reunion in 2001.

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