Lauper Family Reunion - 1998

an account by Lory Lauper

John and I wish to thank all those who attended the 1998 Lauper Family Reunion in Danville, California at the home of Wilma and Norm Stocker. We also want to thank Wilma and Norm for letting the gang impose upon their piece of paradise for the day.

Since I was in charge of food, my review of the activities reflects that strong bias. It seems like we ate all day.

The demographics of the reunion have changed gradually but dramatically over the years. Baby Boomers now dominate politics and the family reunion. We boomers resist formality and structure. Early in the day I noticed the tendency for the planned activities to give way to serendipity. Who is to say that anyone is the worse for it?

One of the planned highlights was supposed to have been "Remembrances of Grandma Emma Lauper." This segment would have fallen flat but for the help of Auntie Vi Johnson and "Sunshine" Hutchings. Later I learned that several attendees were preoccupied with serious family and personal concerns. Hopefully, the day provided some respite from pressing problems.

I appreciate being connected with this terrific family whose whole is larger than the sum of its parts. Our daughters are frequently called "the Lauper girls" and every time they are, I think of the fantastic Lauper women who have marched ahead of them.

Lauper Family at Reunion
Lauper Family Group Photo, 1998

[Take note of the ten flags in background, one for each branch of the Lauper family. These were inaugurated by the Browns at the 1996 Reunion.]

Special thanks to Ben Talbert and Wilma Stocker for the family picture, Paulie Hutchings for her help behind the serving table and Richard Bushman for dispensing wisdom while taking a long stint behind the barbeque.

We'll meet again in Hacienda Heights in July of 1999.

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