Family of Hans and Louisa Madsen

Hans Madsen met Louisa Tetzner in Fredericia, Denmark. They were married in 1851 and settled in the neighboring town of Erritsø.

Hans was a furniture maker ("snedker", in Danish), born in Ørsbjerg, Denmark, in 1826, to Mads Pedersen and Mette Nielsdatter. (See Hans Madsen)

Louisa, was also born in 1826, in Krusendorf, in the duchy of Schleswig, just south of Denmark. She is the daughter of Christian Tetzner and Annna Sophie Mordhurst. Louisa already had a baby son, August, when she met Hans. (See Louisa Tetzner)

Hans and Louisa
Hans Madsen and Louisa Tetzner

Louisa gave birth to two more sons, but lost their next child, a daughter, in infancy. During this time, in 1854, the Madsens were contacted by missionaries of the LDS Church. Louisa embraced the truths much more quickly than her husband, being baptized in 1857. Once Hans was baptized, in 1869, he became a fervant supporter and engaged in much missionary work. He and Louisa decided to join many others in emigrating to Utah, which they did in 1875 with their two oldest sons. Together they founded State's Furniture Company in Salt Lake City. Once the business was successfully established under son P.W., Hans returned to Denmark for several years as a missionary. Upon returning, in 1885, Hans chose to participate in polygamy. Although Louisa gave her consent, she did not really approve of this decision and stipulated that Hans have nothing more to do with her and her sons. It appears that they were never reconciled. Louisa died in 1902.

For an overview of Hans' life with his other wife, Maria Johanna Sorensen, see Family of Hans and Maria Madsen.

Details of the life of Hans Madsen, Louisa Tetzner Madsen, and their descendants, especially their son, P.W. Madsen, and grandson, Richard W. Madsen, Sr., can be found in The Madsen Family History by W. Dee Halverson.

For an overview of all the family branches descending from Hans Madsen, see Extended Hans Madsen Family.

Children of Hans and Louisa Madsen

August Christian Emil Madsen (1849-?)
spouse: Laura Smith (-1879)
Peter William Madsen (1852-1922)
spouse: Elise Christine Larsen (1855-1927)
Richard Madsen (1856-?)
Maren Kristina Madsen (1857-1857)

At this time, it is unknown as to whether there are any descendants of August or of Richard. No material on them has been contributed to this site.

It should also be noted, that the extended family of Hans and Louisa Madsen is actually much larger than the families for which this site has detailed information. See the Comments on The Madsen Family History book.

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