Mother's Heart

by Susan Rush Johnson

Born to humble beginnings, blessed with loving siblings.
Facing life with beauty and grace.
Striving to reach visions dreamed in a young girlís heart.

Duty called as Daughter, Wife and Mother.
Sweet songs of homeland were childrenís lullaby.
Nursery and pageants became daily bread,
As family dined within circles of love.

Lightening struck once, the bolt white hot.
Sadness fell as soft, tearful raindrops.
Silent mirrors of generations of women past,
Too painful to bear.

A young family left to stand on Motherís frail shoulders.
Through prayer and endurance, faith forged anew.
Ashes swept up, house all in order,
Service to others became daily fare.

Years filled with birthdays, missions and weddings.
New lives building on foundations of goodness and mercy.
New roots taking hold in well-prepared soil,
All blooming under the gardenerís watchful care.

Grown to womanhood through strength and hardship.
The mold has been cast, the path cut to follow,
Keeping pace with each new generation.

Never winding down, so many in need, too many to tend.
A lifetime of humility, a life, selfless and worn.
There is much to do before rest is considered reward.

Throughout a lifetime of struggle, heartbreak and joy,
Beat a heart, tempered through trial.
A worthy heart willingly laid bare.
The Savior smiles through it, upon those of us here.

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