Life History of Ralph Julius Lauper

Chapter 8

Poem about Emile Lauper

The following is a poem that Dad wrote about his father, Emile Louis Lauper, copied from Mom and Dad's Book of Remembrance.

My father was a pioneer
	Of worthy stock and true
For the sake of his religion
	He crossed the ocean blue.

He never was a lady's man
	He seldom thought of play
His pride was in his family
	For them he worked each day.

A man of principals was he
	Work never did he shirk
For six days did he labor hard
	The seventh went to church.

Foreign ways were deemed peculiar
	By many of his friends
But none denied his wealth in things
	Which tend to make great men.

He was powerful in stature
	More powerful in mind
And yet his courage rose o'er all
	With a manner clean and kind.

Dad would never squander
Like many fathers would
But he always paid his tithes
   And offerings as he could.

He always was an optimist
	Things never got him down
He accepted all obstructions
   With hardly ever a frown. 

I long to have the hope Dad did
	The will to do or die
A quality so lacking
	In mortals such as I.

His education born of knocks
	Enforced by life's hard school
Diploma won by habit
	To fight the thing "clear" through

Now father's life is over
	But his work is just begun
May he find the path less stormy
	Now the battle's nobly won.

He will build himself a castle
	Across the distant sea.
He will see the plan more clearly
   Amid greater powers that be.

Then will he not be happy
	For the lickins that he took
For those many years of trial when
	It seemed he was "forsook".

Sure, he'll set his house in order
    Upon that fruitful loam
And then he'll be all ready
   To call his family home.

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