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Denmark is the birthplace of Hans Madsen and Maria Johanna Sørensen, so it contains the roots of the Madsen family and its various branches.

This page is the beginning of a collection of information and links about Denmark.

A Visit to Denmark, May 2004

Several descendants of Hans Madsen and Maria Sørensen took a visit to Denmark in May of 2004. This visit included attending the dedication of the new temple in Copenhagen and visiting several sites of family interest. Initial description of some photos from that trip. More details about the trip will follow.

Map of Denmark

This basic map of Denmark includes sites of family history with short descriptions and links for each place.

Prince Frederik marries Mary Donaldson
(photo from Scanpix, via TV2)

Royal Wedding

Denmark has the world's longest continuous monarchy, dating back to the mid-900's. The current monarch, Queen Margrethe, is only the second queen to reign in that long history. Her son, Crown Prince Frederik, was recently married to Mary Donaldson of Australia. (May 14, 2004). All of Denmark celebrated. (We know, we were there!) Here are some links showing the wedding and festivities.

  • News and Photos from Danish Radio
  • News and Photos from Denmark's TV2

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