Reunion Details

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Registration Fee

The Registration Form has been sent out to all for whom we have postal addresses.

Please return registration by July 30!

We need all attendees to sign up and send the registration fee. Understandably, we cannot guarantee food for those that do not pre-register, but if your plans change at the last minute and you can attend, please send a message and come! (

If you do not have a copy of the Registration Form, you can download and print a copy: Download Registration Form" (pdf, 62KB)

  • Adults/Teens (over age 12) - $12.00
  • Children (ages 4-12) - $6.00
  • Toddlers/Infants (under age 4) - No charge
The registration fee pays for food, facilities rentals and other supplies.

How to Prepare

  • Register and pay for your attendance (follow instructions above)
  • Send at least three or four facts about family members for the Get-Acquainted Activity
  • Send family photos for the website (
  • Send your favorite homemade ice cream recipe (to be used for evening dessert)

What to Bring

  • 2 dozen cookies (that don't need refrigeration) to share with ice cream for evening dessert
  • Sun screen, change of clothes for those that will play water games, lawn chairs
  • Family photos and memorabilia to scan and share (on display tables in Activity Barn)
  • Unidentified photos: perhaps a family member can help you!


SATURDAY, August 14

2:00 PM
  • Arrive, Sign-in, Receive Name Tags, Get Oriented
2:30 PM
  • Start of games on the lawns (for both young-in-age and young-at-heart)
    Several games will include water, so bring a change of clothes.
  • Children's games: Ice-cream-roll, Water ballons, boat races, etc.
  • Teen games: Ballon toss, Pioneer Relay
  • Adults: join in or cheer for the above
Throughout the afternoon
  • Chatting in the shade
  • Small snacking food and drinks (provided)
  • Quilt-tying project (those who participate are eligible for a later drawing to win the quilt!)
  • Time to explore the Wheeler Farm and historic buildings Overview of Wheeler Farm Facilities
    (Those who would like to explore and hike in the further reaches of the grounds, may want to come earlier in the day)
4:00 PM
  • Begin set-up of indoor displays (please let us know your interest in displaying something)
  • Continued afternoon activities
4:45 PM
  • Begin browsing of indoor displays
  • Video slide-show
  • Get-acquainted Activity
  • Games and activities upstairs, for the kids
5:30 PM
  • Dinner (provided - except for dessert)
    Barbecued Beef on Buns, Hot Dogs, Salads, Veggies, Chips, Fruit, Lemonade & Root Beer
6:30 PM
  • Family Meeting
    Issues of family interest
    Perhaps a reivew of our recent Denmark trip
    Family Trivia Game, for adults and teens
    Videos upstairs, for the kids
  • Dessert: cookies (brought by family members) and Homemade Ice Cream (provided)
7:30 PM
  • Square Dancing

SUNDAY, August 15

Due to the efforts of Irene Buehner, we have secured the use of the meeting room at the Eagle Gate Apartments, on the corner of State Street and South Temple.

9:30 AM
  • Attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast as a family group
10:00 AM
  • Walk the two blocks to the Eagle Gate Apartments
    Northeast corner of State and South Temple
10:30 AM
  • Church service of music and testimony-sharing (approx. 1.5 hours)
    Note: This is not a Sacrament Service.
    Sunday "go-to-meetin'" attire is encouraged, but not required.
  • Light refreshments served afterwards.

Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm, located at 6351 South 900 East in Salt Lake City, is the 75-acre re-creation of the late nineteenth-century dairy farm of Joseph J. Wheeler. Some may be surprised to find out that the farm, for a period, belonged to family member Richard W. Madsen, Jr., and was called Golden Guernsey Farm. Since 1969, it has been a property and restoration project of Salt Lake County.

Wheeler Farm provides the following items in repsonse to the question: "What is there to do here?"

  1. Visit with the animals. Admission is free and you are wlcome to stroll the grounds at your leisure. Wheeler Farm is not a petting zoo, so we ask that you keep you hands away from the animals to avoid injury, and that you do not attempt to feed them. The farm is home to cows, chickens, pigs, horses, turkeys, sheep and rabbits. We also have a large fowl population, but ask that you please do not chase the ducks. It causes them stress, and they have been known to bite when threatened. Duck food is on sale at both the front desk and Country Store for $0.50 a bag, or you are welcome to bring bread from home.
  2. Activities on the farm include:
    • house tours [10am - 4pm, on the hour, $1.50 per person]
    • wagon rides [Every half hour from 10am to 4:30pm, price?]
    • cow milking [5pm, $0.50 per person]
    . Tokens for these activities can be purchased at our front desk located in the Activity Barn, or at our Country Store. The store is only equipped to accept cash or checks. Purchases made with a credit or debit card need to be made at our front desk. The store is open primarily during our busy season, with limited winter hours. Wheeler Farm offers several seasonal special events, and information on those events is available at the front desk.
  3. In addition to the farmhouse, there are several other exhibits located throughout the fram grounds. They include:
    • The Garage: display of "summer kitchen" and laundry techniques.
    • The Bird House: information about native birds and research books.
    • Antique Farm Machinery Building: display of antique farm equipment.
  4. The Activity Barn is more than just a place to host a wedding, dance or other special event. The first floor is home to the Beverly Wheeler Mastrim Art Gallery. Watch for a new guest artist each month and see our front desk for information on how you can purchase artwork. On display upstairs are several turn-of-the-century exhibits of farm life, as well as the Loft Photo Gallery featuring current photos of Wheeler Farm.
  5. Other fun things to do on the farm include picnic lunches, hiking or biking the trails in our backwoods, bird watching, nature viewing and photography. The children will enjoy playing in our tree house located behind the farmhouse, or exploring the playhouse and "lightening tree" located across the red bridge on the northeast corner of the farm.

Wheeler Historic Farm Web Site

Who's in Charge?

At the Madsen-Lauper Reunion in 2002 (following the dedication of the replica of the Furniture Store), a vote was taken at the Saturday morning meeting and breakfast. David Peterson (Jr.), great-great grandson of Hans Madsen, in the Lauper Branch, somehow "beat out" all "rivals" and was awarded the responsibility of arranging the next reunion, "in two years time."

As fate would have it, in 2004, David's branch of the Lauper Family also takes their turn in managing the annual Lauper Family Reunion. It made a lot of sense, from both a logistical and social point of view, to combine these gatherings into one big extravaganza.

Photo of the senior members of David's branch: Viola Lauper Johnson and her descendants

As a computer professional, David has personally taken on the role of "webmaster" for this web site, but he is relying heavily upon the assistance of his family in dealing with the myriad of preparations for a family reunion. He is counting on YOU to help make both this web site and family reunion a great success.

Thank you for your support!

Come Again!

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Upcoming items will include:

  • more reunion schedule details
  • more and better pictures
  • more items of family history
  • registration to attend the reunion
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