Past Madsen-Lauper Reunions

Until recently, the progeny of Hans Madsen had not been in the habit of gathering together as an entire family. In some extreme cases, first cousins had seen or even known little of each other. Some of this distance was due in part to animosities created by a polygamous family; some came about as lives simply lead in different directions. At any rate, "apartness" which at one time may have been purposeful, over the decades developed into "unconscious habit". Certain family members, especially those involved in family history, began to be reminded of these overlooked family ties and figured it was time to put aside old habits and develop a new pattern. It was then that the concept of a Madsen-Lauper Family Reunion was born.

The three Madsen-Lauper Family Reunions that have occurred so far are listed below:

June, 1998

Hi Ute Ranch, near Park City, Utah.

First cousins of the Madsen-Sorensen branch, Truman Madsen and Helen Williams Bingham (grandchildren of Hans Madsen), with great support from Helen's sister Irene Williams Buehner, undertook to gather cousins of their generation in the first Madsen-Lauper Family Reunion. Ten of these Madsen cousins and two Lauper cousins (many with spouses) met at the Buehner's Hi Ute Ranch and shared many reminiscences of their family. Further Details

November, 2001

Rockville, Utah, near the entrance to Zion National Park.

The results of that first reunion were very gratifying, such that they decided to try it again, but with a more ambitious scope. (There was some inspiration from the Lauper branch, who have been gathering annually for a number of years. See Past Lauper Reunions.) They chose to gather in the awesome environs of Zion National Park and extend an invitation to all those interested among the Madsen-Tetzner, Madsen-Sorensen and Lauper branches of the family. Further Details
(See Hans Madsen Family for an explanation about how these branches relate.)

October, 2002

Salt Lake City, This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Building upon the connection made with Richard H. Madsen of the Madsen-Tetzner branch at the Zion Reunion, plans were made to gather the various branches of the family again. Richard was instrumental in bringing about the creation of a replica of Hans Madsen's original furniture store for placement in the This Is The Place Heritage Park. With the assistance of Helen Bingham, he extended the invitation for all to gather at the dedication of the store. Further Details

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